Your web browser is probably one of the most commonly used pieces of software on your computer. It is your portal to the Internet. Emailing, shopping, banking, and plain old time wasting are some of the ways that you probably use your browser every day. There are 4 main reasons to make sure that you are always using the most current version of your chosen web browser:

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Older web browsers are much more vulnerable to threats. Newer browsers protect you better against viruses, phishing scams and other security issues. Weaknesses are found and patched on a regular basis. Those patches are delivered via browser updates. Most of the web browsers in existence today have an auto-update process that will either update the browser silently, or alert you that a new update is ready to be installed. Taking a couple of seconds to stay current, and install the recommended update could save you huge headaches in the future.


Every new iteration of a web browser aims to increase its overall page load speed. Browser developers optimize their code to give you the best performance possible. They make improvements in everything from the way that the web browser displays the code that makes up a website, to the way that the browser utilizes your computer’s hardware. This makes pages load faster and more accurately. Videos of cats doing cute things play in glorious high definition. It becomes even more convincing when you smash those annoying little chocolates to bits. Oh, and responding to that email from your boss, or brushing up your TPS reports in Google Docs will go much smoother too… if you’re into that kind of thing.


Websites that use new technologies will not always display correctly in older browsers. The standards for HTML, CSS, and other web technologies are continually evolving. Web developers and designers push the envelope when it comes to giving you rich, interactive content. Although attempts are made to be compatible with older web browsers, many of the newer techniques are only supported in modern web browsers.

A Better Overall Experience

With new features and better customization, you will have a more comfortable web experience when using the latest version of your chosen browser. The latest web browsers include the ability to install extensions and add-ons that can make your web browsing experience better. There are many extensions for the different web browsers that offer conveniences such as:

  • Advertisement blocking
  • Validating a site’s trustworthiness
  • Tracking avoidance

Choosing Your New Web Browser

Updating your browser is easy to do and completely free. Simply choose a browser , then download and run the installer! You’ll be enjoying a better web browsing experience in no time. The two most popular web browsers at the time of this writing are Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Google’s Chrome. The following graph from illustrates the top web browsers over the past 6 months.

Web Browser Usage, USA, January - September 2015

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