It’s a sobering reality: Today’s web users are more savvy, with lower attention spans than ever, and unwilling to hang around on a website they aren’t crazy about. This is a problem, especially for people who do business through their site. If you’re a business owner wondering how to keep visitors from leaving your site before they buy, you’re not alone.

If your bounce rate is pitiful and you don’t understand why people are leaving as soon as they show up, take a look at the following questions. Imagine that you’re a first time visitor to your site, you have no idea who the site’s owner is or what they or their business is all about. Now, answer honestly.

How to Keep Your Visitors from Leaving Your Site Infographic

Is Your Navigation Clear?

If a stranger can’t figure out how to go from Point A to Point B, how will they ever make it to your store or your contact information? A clean, simple menu at the top of the page is standard and your best bet.

Do you have ads all over the page?

As is so often the case, less is more when it comes to ads. Hey, we all need to make money, but featuring ads at the top, bottom AND sides of your pages is only going to drive the real money, aka paying customers, far away from you.

Are you heavy into audio/video?

This is especially a problem with auto play, yet so many people insist on making this mistake. Nobody wants to be unpleasantly surprised by the sound of a video blaring in their ears.

Do you use a registration pop-up?

This is a fine line, with passionate advocates on either side. There are those who are laser-focused on building their email list and want to capture those email addresses as quickly as possible. There are others who get annoyed by the presence of that pop-up form on other sites and don’t want to give their own visitors that same experience. If you really want to use this feature, consider delaying its appearance until a visitor has been on the site for a little while, otherwise they may get the impression that registration is required to access your content. It’s worth the delay, after all, you want people to sign up because they’re genuinely interested in you. They’re a much warmer lead that way.

Is your content structured well?

Too many sites feature content on multiple pages when it can be streamlined. And far too many leave visitors hunting around for information, in fact it’s estimated that 50% of sales are lost because the visitor can’t find what they’re looking for. As a first time visitor, do you know where to find what you need?

Can you actually read your content?

Poor color choices, wacky fonts, multiple typos, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Does your own site put you to sleep?

It’s okay, every site can’t be a masterpiece. But if your design and/or content is flat, bland and boring and you’re relying on this site to make money, you have a problem. Your site has to be memorable, and not because it uses a ton of tricks and crazy widgets, but because it’s clean, elegant and easy to navigate. Also because it features snappy, engaging content. Does yours?

If you’re not happy with the answers to these questions but have no idea how to keep visitors from leaving your site before they even get to know you, take heart. This is the sort of thing RDB Interactive does best: Shaking up your so-so, poor-performing website and making you look like a rock star.